The VMR CRE: tools to facilitate your team as they collaboratively research, edit, and publish a digital critical edition


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  • Brief Introduction - an overview of the scope addressed by the VMR CRE and methodologies used in its solutions 
  • Technical Overview - a brief description of the technology used
  • Download - Here you will find easy install bundles for Mac, Linux, and Windows.  If you would rather build and integrate from scratch this Installation Guide will walk you through a complete build, integration, and installation starting from a pristine copy of Liferay and the VMR CRE source code.
  • Forum - discussions on contributions, ideas and suggestions, setup and user help
  • Knowledge Base - documentation and guides
  • Video Presentation at the AIUCD 2016 Annual Meeting. Slides here.

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New November Release

Lots of new goodies in this bundle refresh.  Some highlights:

  • support for per document versification system selection allowing documents with varying versifications to live within the same VMR CRE instance,
  • improved editing experience in the Online Transcription Editor gadget,
  • new example versifications: Homer and Ladder of Divine Ascent,
  • transcription copyright text pushed to system configuration file,
  • helpful backup and mirror scripts included as examples for your system,
  • better drag and drop experience in image management,
  • updated to latest jquery-ui,
  • added ability to see history of published transcriptions,
  • transcription import tool greatly improved,
  • and, of course, the set of usual bug fixes.

All three OS bundles have been refreshed with this latest version and you can find them on the Download Page.

Multiverse Collation

Multiverse collation, a new CSV alignment table download option, and a ton of menu cleanups are available from the Edition Display page.  We've also added a nice hover-over option for the verse numbers in the transcription display which will show a marker exactly where in the line that verse begins.  You'll find a new "Digital Critical Edition Project" site template to help you get new projects up and running quickly.  The tour on the front page has been expanded to walk you through more features, if you're new to the VMR CRE platform.  All three OS bundles have been refreshed with this latest version and you can find them on the Download Page.

New Release

All three bundles have been refreshed with the latest version of the VMR CRE software, including new startup scripts, better intro page, and minor bug fixes over the past month.  Get 'em while they're hot.


Many interesting projects and more interesting participants are attending The AIUCD Annual Meeting in Venice, IT 7-Sep thru 9-Sep, this week.

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