New November Release

New November Release

Lots of new goodies in this bundle refresh.  Some highlights:

  • support for per document versification system selection allowing documents with varying versifications to live within the same VMR CRE instance,
  • improved editing experience in the Online Transcription Editor gadget,
  • new example versifications: Homer and Ladder of Divine Ascent,
  • transcription copyright text pushed to system configuration file,
  • helpful backup and mirror scripts included as examples for your system,
  • better drag and drop experience in image management,
  • updated to latest jquery-ui,
  • added ability to see history of published transcriptions,
  • transcription import tool greatly improved,
  • and, of course, the set of usual bug fixes.

All three OS bundles have been refreshed with this latest version and you can find them on the Download Page.


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