• Java 8
  • For Variant Graphs, graphviz is required (pre-integrated inside Windows bundle) available from your Linux distro or downloadable from the link above for the Mac.
  • If you desire to use ITSEE's Apparatus Editor component, Python is currently required. (a small part of Birmingham's Apparatus Editor does a brief pre and post processing of data in Python while communicating with CollateX).  We hope to eliminate this requirement shortly.
  • git, if you wish to version your transcriptions.  Without git, the system should still operate, but no version history will be saved for transcriptions.


Installation and Running:

Hopefully a simple uncompress and double-click on the appropriate VMR CRE - mac icon, launch under Linux, or startup-win.bat, e.g.,


script should get things going.  But life isn't always simple.  If trouble persists, have a look at the README-VMR.txt file for your OS, inspect the startup script for your platform, see the system configuration properties at:


and often it is helpful to watch the portal log file, e.g.,

tail -f tomcat/logs/catalina.out


Good luck!  There's always the forum here if you still need help.

Install Bundles

 VMR CRE Downloads - Mac, Linux, and Windows.


Select the latest version of the correct bundle for your operating system and be sure to read the associated README-VMR.txt file inside the bundle.


Mac users will also want the graphviz .pkg file from the download folder.


Source Code


The VMR CRE is implemented as a component-based architecture, incorporating a number of projects into its ecosystem.  The main VMR CRE source respository is listed below, along with the various other projects which provide components for the system.




CrossWire Tools


Liferay Portal, by Liferay

on github at:

CollateX, by Interedition

on github at:

Collation and Apparatus Editor, by ITSEE at University of Birmingham

on github at:

Transcription Editor, by University of Trier

on sourceforge at: